Eira Moon

She was one of the lucky ones, being born and bred in the land of song and sheep, aka “God’s Country”…North Wales!
Since 2001 she’s been involved in organizing music and entertainment for venues all over the world.

Her company was lucky enough to arrange voice-over projects involving Hollywood celebrity talent, which she uses to her advantage when trying (in vain!) to impress her young nieces and nephew!

Eira and her long-term partner are also proud and dedicated foster carers. They’ve cared for vulnerable children of all ages and backgrounds over the past several years- providing a safe and fun home to flourish and be happy, for however long it was needed.

Her debut short story was in fact inspired by a comical chitter-chatter with one of their young foster children! She wanted to create a classic-style fairytale for children to enjoy over and over again which provided a valuable moral lesson.

When not on the school run or role-playing superheroes, Eira loves to be in or near the sea, watching rugby or practicing photography!